The images of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning caused shock and sadness around the world.

One of the great symbols and beacons of Christendom faced complete destruction.

And you won’t believe what Ilhan Omar said about Notre Dame burning down.

An outpouring of sympathy of support registered across social media as Christians and nonbelievers alike expressed their sorrow during this tragedy.

Ilhan Omar’s remarks stood out.

But not in a good way.

The Minnesota Democrat reduced the nearly 900-year-old Church – one of the most iconic and meaningful settings in the Catholic Church – to a mere art museum.

Omar – as well as the entire Democrat Party – as still reeling from the fallout of videotape of a speech Omar delivered where she casually trivialized the 9/11 terrorist attacks as “some people did something.”

Many Americans heard echoes of that dismissal when Omar minimalized Notre Dame to an art gallery.

This type of unfeeling, tone deaf comment will only add to the pile of Omar’s self inflicted controversies.

Despite what the fake news media claims, no one is taking Omar’s comments out of context.

Her remarks –as well as their meaning – are plain as day and don’t require anyone to decipher her intentions or the context in which Omar made these outrageous statements.

As her scandals and gaffes mount, it will only increase the whispers behind the scenes in the Democrat Party that they need to recruit a primary challenger before her constant controversies define the party and sin their 2020 prospects.

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