We now know that the American media and their Democratic president, Joe Biden have been misleading the American people about the origins of the COVID 19 virus that killed 600,000 Americans.

On May 23, 2021 The Wall Street Journal broke a story detailing how three lab workers in Wuhan, China were sent to the hospital with COVID-like symptoms as early as November, 2019, before the outbreak occurred.  This news puts in question the assurance offered from the American media, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration that the origins of the virus were natural and animal based.

Former President, Donald Trump had long suspected that the Chinese lab needed to be investigated. Trump was roundly criticized for blocking travel from China to the United States soon after the virus appeared.

Today, a White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, said that the Biden administration was letting the World Health Organization take the lead in any investigations. The WHO, which is heavily funded by China, has insisted that the virus started from an animal transmission. Trump had withheld funds from the organization. Upon assuming office, Joe Biden immediately re-established them.

On May 26, 2021 we learned that Joe Biden had quietly shut down a Trump ordered State Department investigation into the origins of the COVID 19 epidemic. 

Hours later, with pressure mounting and Biden exposed, the president quickly pivoted and undercut his own spokesperson, announcing that he was asking his intelligence agencies to find the answer, thus reopening the investigation Donald Trump had originally launched.

Evidence seems to be mounting that China developed the virus in their own lab. Which raises the question, was it purposely leaked to the world? Sino critics suspect that it was a viral weapon meant to topple the Trump presidency and to destabilize the United States which was poised to win the coming trade wars with China.
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