Sen. Eric Schmitt, a Missouri Republican, tells FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" host Maria Bartiromo that voters will see through the political prosecutions of former President Donald Trump:

SEN. ERIC SCHMITT: We're going to use every procedural tool we have in the Senate to slow things down and block these nominees.

I mean, the Department of Justice has been fully weaponized not just against President Trump, but the American people. And so, unlike them working outside the law, we're going to work within the rules. But this is a response. There has to be response.

We cannot allow our country to descend into a banana republic, these two tiers of justice that you see under the Biden administration, willing to put political opponents in jail, censor Americans, usher in an invasion, try to convert them to voters. This is all on the watch of the Biden administration. This is their plan.
Source: Fox News
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