Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned that U.S. troops will be sent to eastern Europe “in a few years” if the Senate border bill that gives Ukraine $60 billion in aid is not passed.

Schumer said on MSNBC on Monday:

Two months ago, President Joe Biden made that same argument — that U.S. troops would be fighting Russia if more aid is not passed.

We’re at a turning point in America is build is crucial and history will look back on it and say did America fail itself?

Why is it crucial? Well, if we don’t aid Ukraine, Putin will walk all over Ukraine, we will lose the war. And we could be fighting in eastern Europe in a NATO ally in a few years. Americans won’t like that.

“If he keeps going and then he attacks a NATO Ally — well, we’ve committed as a NATO member that we’d defend every inch of NATO territory — then we’ll have something that we don’t seek and that we don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops,” Biden warned.

Source: Breitbart

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