One Los Angeles-based restaurant owner is voicing her concerns over customers – and employees – having to eat up the costs of California’s soon-to-be enacted fast food minimum wage.

"We are the ones that were strong enough to be the mom-and-pop shops that survived COVID. And now we're hit with this, and it directly impacts the small businesses," Angela Marsden said on "America’s Newsroom" Friday.

"We're going to have massive layoffs, massive job losses," she continued. "And when it comes to being a mom-and-pop shop, if you can get $20 an hour dropping fries at McDonald's, what do you expect, you want me to pay to make a nice meal or a nice hamburger? My hamburger, currently, is going up to 20-some dollars an hour."

In December, California Gov. Gavin Newsom passed a law that increases the minimum wage for food industry workers to $20 per hour. The minimum wage for workers in other industries across the state stands at $15.50, among the highest in the nation.

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