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  • 05.30.2024
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  • 05/30/2024

Oregonians who are fed up with the blue state's policies are seeking to relocate the Beaver State's border to neighboring Idaho, where the red state policies "actually match their values."

The Greater Idaho Movement's Executive Director, Matt McCaw, told Fox News Digital that the movement to shift Oregon's border 200 miles west was created to bridge the growing "tug of war" in the Beaver State. 

"The state of Oregon is divided geographically by the Cascade Mountain Range and that geographic divide is also a huge cultural divide," McCaw said. "So, on the west side of Oregon you have a different climate, it's a different economy, it's a different culture and more urban. It's a very different place than the east side, where there are agricultural people who are very conservative and traditional."

"You have these two very different groups of people in Oregon that try to play tug of war over state government," he said.

Source: Fox News
Boise, Idaho by Alden Skeie is licensed under Unsplash
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