Ever since Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC, her next career move was up in the air.

Many suspected she would find her way back on to Fox News.

But Megyn Kelly made a confession that will leave you speechless.

Megyn Kelly’s actions since getting fired by NBC lead many to believe she wants to get back in the good graces of the Trump supporters that watch Fox News.

Kelly famously feuded with Trump during the 2016 campaign and which alienated her from Fox News’s audience.

But ever since NBC fired her to appease social justice warriors, Kelly has made sympathetic comments about the President.

She questioned the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Kelly also ripped Robert Mueller for his ridiculous press conference where Mueller tried to claim Trump was guilty until proven innocent even though
Mueller did not allege the President committed a crime.

Now Kelly is attacking the forces of political correctness.

Kelly tweeted out an article recapping left-wing comedienne Bill Maher’s recent appearance on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show.

Maher’s blasted the ‘PC police’ as a “cancer” on Democrat Party politics.

“I go after them because they need going after,” Maher told Cuomo. “They don’t help themselves a lot. I think this far left political correctness is a cancer on progressivism.”

Maher also said he understood why Trump supporters stood by the President.

“When you talk to Trump supporters, they’re not blind to his flaws, but they always say he’s not politically correct. I don’t think you can overestimate
how much people have been choking on political correctness and hate it. There were two studies about this recently …  The vast majority of liberals in this country hate it. They think political correctness has gone way too far. No one likes to be living on eggshells.”

Kelly wholeheartedly agreed with Maher’s takes.

“I have criticized Bill Maher many times (and vice versa), but the man is dead right about the pc police & their fake self-righteousness,” Kelly wrote.

If Kelly wanted to make a comeback in the so-called “mainstream” media, she never would have criticized the left’s obsession with identity politics.

Instead, she attacked the Stalinist forces of political correctness, and that led many to speculate if a return to Fox News was in the cards.

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