Ever since Donald Trump forced Jeff Sessions out as Attorney General, his political future was up in the air.

But not any longer.

Jeff Sessions is facing this one big decision about a comeback that Donald Trump will hate.

Republicans are lining up to run against Alabama Democrat Doug Jones.

Jones won an upset race in 2017 to fill Sessions seat after the Senate confirmed Sessions as Attorney General.

There are seven candidates in the race, but the GOP establishment is raising alarm bells over Judge Roy Moore entering the race.
Swamp Republicans want a slam dunk candidate, and they are turning to Sessions.

Senator Richard Shelby – who helped tank Moore’s 2017 campaign by telling voters not to support the GOP nominee – relayed to the press that Sessions had not yet ruled out running for his old seat.

 “Sessions, I don’t think, has ruled it out,” Senator Shelby told reporters. “I’ve talked to him about it. I think if he ran, he would be a formidable candidate. Formidable. I’ve not encouraged him to run, but he’s a friend, and if he ran, I think he’d probably clear the field.”

There are many Trump supporters that do not want to see Sessions in the race.

They know the Robert Mueller investigation only started because Sessions caved to media pressure and recused himself from the Russia investigation.

That decision fractured his relationship with the President beyond repair.

And while Sessions would be a reliable vote on many Trump agenda issues, his supporters believe they could find a candidate who could vote right on the
issues and who they could count on to stand up to the Deep State plotting to bring down the President.

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