Israel has implemented some of the changes the Biden administration wanted, but the U.S. expects more from them, according to President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan’s assessment — that the U.S. has “seen them take some actions, [but] we would like to see more actions” — comes less than a week after Biden threatened to cut U.S. support for Israel unless they take “a series of specific, concrete and measurable steps” to mitigate humanitarian suffering and civilian casualties in Gaza.

If you look at the last two days, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of aid going into Gaza. That’s good, it is not good enough,” Sullivan told reporters on Tuesday. “We would like to see more action following through on what the prime minister has announced publicly. And we’d like to see that over the course of the next few days.”

The Israel Defense Forces said 468 aid trucks entered Gaza on Tuesday, the highest in a single day since the war began, while more than 1,200 trucks have gotten into the strip over the last three days.

The administration has also frequently called for Israel to allow more aid into Gaza and they have conducted airdrops of aid into the strip because not enough aid was getting to Palestinians, who are now under threat of famine.

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