Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is preparing to help turn out black voters for former President Donald Trump with a new multimillion-dollar campaign blitz that aims to deny President Joe Biden a win in key battleground states.

The initiative, to be deployed in a half-dozen states, comes as Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, vies to become Trump’s vice presidential nominee. He is an outspoken surrogate for the former president on the trail but also emphasized his appeal with black voters in announcing the campaign to a small gathering of reporters in Washington, D.C.

“I do with black voters in South Carolina two or three times better than the average Republican,” Scott said. “There’s a reason why I win the reddest counties in South Carolina by about 8-10 points better than the average Republican because I performed better with the conservatives there, but I also win the blue counties where no Republicans are winning at all.”

“I’m able to bring together the working-class coalition that is typically more minority than any other place in the country,” he added.

Through his Great Opportunity PAC, Scott is deploying a $14.3 million travel and advertising budget that he and close aides say will build on the shift of nonwhite voters away from Biden. The plan is to flip a nominal number, just a few percentage points, of nonwhite voters, particularly black voters, in favor of Trump.

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