Candace Owens is a hot topic but now Parler is too. It's the social media site that Big Tech squashed and has fought every step of the way. (It took me months to figure out how to beat the Left and get back on the platform. If you are having problems go here and I will show you how).

Parler has a new CEO. George Farmer. I'll give you a little hint, he is married to Candace Owens.

Here Are Four Things You Don't Know About George Farmer and why Candace Owens' Husband is the best thing that happened to Parler.

In a world of Big tech and monopolies Europe sometimes rolls its eyes at the U.S. as pronouns are assumed to be the biggest threat to our American psyche. As Big Tech tries to control the liberal media narrative and hush out conservative voices, one thing remains clear, the conservatives are growing stronger by the day and that strength can be seen through George Farmer. 

Remember Nietzsche? "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

Many Americans know him as Candace Owens' husband. What they don't know are his many accomplishments and achievements. They make him the greatest asset to Parler and create one of the most unique power couples that America has seen. For conservatives, Owens and Farmer light the way. Below are four things you may not know about George Farmer.

1. He has worked in financial services for a decade. After graduating from Oxford University he went straight into banking, working in an investment bank in London. Later, he worked for several years with his father at a hedge fund.

2. In the last two months, George Farmer has been working under Mark Meckler and a team of people at Parler aiding in the recent success of Parler returning back to the App store after Big Tech's unfair attempt to shut it out. 

3. He grew up in London and in politics with his father who sits in the House of Lords. His father served as the conservative whip and was the treasure of the conservative party. George Farmer was very active in the political battle to fight socialism. He was the Former Chairman of Turning Point U.K. He was an active financial supporter and candidate for the U.K.'s Brexit Party in 2019. 

4. He gave an eloquent description of the ripple effects of American politics on the U.K. and the world in a 2019 interview on "The Candace Owens Show." He has shown a willingness to fight against censorship despite the Big Tech Monopolies at play. George and his wife Candace Owens have courageously taken on facebook fact checkers, filing a lawsuit. 
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