Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday he will sign a bill to release the Jeffrey Epstein grand jury documents.

“All files related to Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activity should be made public,” DeSantis said in a statement. “While the federal government continues to stonewall accountability, I’m glad the Legislature has taken action to release the grand jury material from the Florida state case. I will sign the bill into law.”


The Florida Senate passed a bill with a unanimous vote of 37-0, paving the way for the release of documents from a 2006 grand jury investigation into Epstein, a convicted sex offender who died in 2019.  Introduced by Boca Raton Democratic Senator Tina Polsky, the bill received support, with unanimous consensus on the matter. The legislation aims to shed light on Epstein’s legal proceedings in Florida, where he was accused of soliciting minors for sexual activities but received a relatively lenient sentence, according to Florida’s Voice.
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