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  • 02.21.2024
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  • 02/22/2024

Former Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said there is “no question” that former President Donald Trump will have a massive victory over Nikki Haley in South Carolina, making the remarks in the Palmetto State on Tuesday.

Florida Gov. DeSantis, who dropped out of the presidential race in January, took questions on the state of the race following his remarks at the South Carolina State House Senate Chamber, where he pushed his greater agenda of instilling Congressional term limits.

“If you have a path, you have every right to be running,” DeSantis told reporters, explaining that he never said certain people should not run “even though there were a lot of people [at] one percent.”

Source: Breitbart
Ron DeSantis by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Flickr Flickr
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