CNN is neck deep in another scandal.

In addition to fake news and falling ratings, CNN cannot afford another crisis.

But they have on their hands because one CNN could face jail time over this criminal investigation.

After former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum lost the 2019 Florida Gubernatorial election to Trump supporter Ron DeSantis, Gillum quickly took advantage of the revolving door between the fake news media and the Democrat Party to sign a contract with CNN.

On the air, Gillum offered the usual anti-Trump hysteria and even repeatedly played the race card over the results in the 2018 election.

One reason Gillum lost to DeSantis was the cloud of an FBI corruption investigation into the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency.

A former lobbyist who Gillum was close with is at the heart of the probe.

But despite the investigation resulting in three arrests and the lobbyist turning on Gillum, Gillum claimed he was not a target of the FBI investigation.

That was not true.

Federal authorities subpoenaed Gillum and his 2018 campaign as the corruption investigation expands.

This subpoena demands records about a nonprofit in Massachusetts where Gillum served on the board as well as a contributor to his campaign.

Gillum responded to the growing scandal in a statement to the press.

“When you run a campaign that puts the power in the hands of the people and fights for change, it inevitably invites close scrutiny, regardless of the facts,” Gillum’s statement read. “We stand ready to assist any future review of our work because I am confident we always did the right thing and complied fully with the law.”

But if you only got your news from CNN, you would have no idea one of their contributors is caught up in a mushrooming criminal investigation.

CNN has not covered this story.

That’s because the network sweeps bad news for Democrats under the rug and invents fake news hoaxes to attack President Trump.

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