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  • 11.06.2023
  • Source: Vetted Sources
  • 11/07/2023

Photos of handwritten pages leaked on Monday of trans Nashville shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto have been confirmed by local news to be authentic.

Nashville’s Fox 17 "confirmed through a source" that these photos, obtained and released by Steven Crowder on Monday morning, "are authentic."

An investigation has been launched into the release of these photos.

In a statement titled "MNPD Statement Concerning On-Line Photograph Dissemination," police said: "The MNPD is in communication with the Metropolitan Department of Law as an investigation, begun this morning, continues into the dissemination of three photographs of writings during an on-line discussion about Covenant School. The photographs are not MNPD crime scene images."

Ammunition by Jay Rembert is licensed under Unsplash

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