Irritated by the fact that Donald Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" helped the United States get a vaccine in record time, President Joe Biden has been working relentlessly to take the credit for it all and deny Trump any glory or any part in the process. It has been recognized as the biggest combined effort of the private and public sectors since the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb. 

Still laying unattended is Biden's false declaration at a CNN Townhall, earlier this year. Leftist websites, aided by Google and other Big Tech search engines have built "strawman" arguments around the moment which could easily be put to rest by a simple Biden presidential apology or even a correction.

Here is the background. At the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on February 16, 2021, President Biden declared, "It's one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn't have when we came into office.." 

As the President made these comments, the CNN host, Anderson Cooper, just stood silently by. Neither CNN nor President Joe Biden stopped to correct the obvious false statement. Of course, there had been a vaccine. Both President Biden and Anderson Cooper had been vaccinated during the Trump presidency.

During a March press conference, when President Biden had the chance to make a correction, he made yet another incredible and false statement. "When I came into office," the President said, "the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America."

This was yet another false statement an attempt to convince Americans that if Trump had developed the vaccine, he had not prepared the way for distribution. In fact, the Trump administration signed contracts to assure 800 million doses, enough for 400 million Americans. The American population numbers 328 million people. This includes 255 million who are over the age of 18. (Children are not authorized to take the vaccine.)

Biden has been right about one thing. The American response to COVID has been the most successful in the world and towers over any other nation including Israel and the United Kingdom which have both been effective and, like America, are on the road to recovery.

To offer some comparisons, Chile chose the Chinese vaccine, Argentina chose the Russian vaccine. Both experienced catastrophic results.  50% of Chile was vaccinated before they learned that the Chinese vaccine only had a 6% efficacy rate.  

If anything, conflicting messages from the Biden administration, authoritative news media outlets and spokespersons for the Center For Disease Control have many of the remaining non-vaccinated Americans now hesitating. During the presidential campaign, vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris declared she would not be vaccinated because she did not trust Donald Trump. 

Biden's White House stalled the promotion of the Johnson and Johnson's vaccine because some recipients had developed blood clots. The clots, which appeared in women, had the odds of happening to one in 7 million but the Biden negative media hype over the story could not be put back in the bottle.

Says a Washington consultant to the medical profession, "First the media said there would be no vaccine, Trump was lying. Then they said it would take five years. Then they said he was making false claims of a vaccine in order to win the election. Then they denounced the vaccine  because it was developed by Trump. Now, they are finally saying, 'Yes, there is a vaccine. Biden did it. And it is good. You must take it or die.' 

Still, some sources find the Biden resentment of Trump's role in the vaccine a bit disingenuous. Even the New York Times has admitted to Trump's undeniable role.

Reluctant to let go of the doomsday predictions and the fear mongering that let to his election Biden seems conflicted with the success of the vaccine. Meanwhile, some elderly Americans are backing out. Both Biden and Trump are urging that all citizens be vaccinated.
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