Democrats and their allies in the liberal media are counting down the days until Robert Mueller testifies before Congress.

But they should be careful what they wish for.

And now all hell is breaking loose after Trey Gowdy told Sean Hannity this truth about Robert Mueller.

Trey Gowdy warned Sean Hannity's "Fox News" audience that the Mueller testimony will be a big letdown.

Gowdy said Mueller won't go into any new details beyond what was in his report and also won't provide any new leads for Republicans looking to investigate how this Russian collusion hoax started in the first place.

Gowdy stated:

I think what is going to say on that, John Ratcliffe and I were discussing it over the weekend, I think what he's going to say, that is not what Rod Rosenstein asked me to do. I did what the acting DOJ age he asked me to do, which is look at -- go back to Rod's memo. What did Russia do in 2016? And then a specific reference to the Trump campaign. I think that is Mueller's out. His out on when did you go there was no collusion, is going to be when we interview the last witness.

So Mueller does not want to come. He does not want to come because he does not want to deviate from his report. What you're going to get are these incendiary questions about obstruction and impeachment. You are not going to learn anything that you don't already know. It's just going to be great for people…

Democrats and many journalists secretly hoped Mueller will show up on July 17 with an ace up his sleeve.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington continued to delude themselves that there was a smoking gun about collusion or obstruction of justice that Mueller kept in reserve and to be revealed dramatically at the last possible moment.

Trey Gowdy dashed those hopes with the truth – Mueller said in his public statements that his testimony will not go beyond the report.

And anyone hoping otherwise is fooling themselves.

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